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Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy is such a special but fleeting time. When you are expecting you the arrival of you baby it is possible to feel really uncomfortable and having your portrait taken can be the last thing on your mind, but maternity photography is a really beautiful way to capture the special time of waiting and anticipating your young baby. And like most portrait photography, it is often years later when you little one is not so little, and they are marvelling over how they were once inside that tummy, that you truly appreciate the effort you made to have some gorgeous portraits created.

Maternity portraits are best taken about the 7 to 8 month stage, and perhaps earlier for twins, but can be done at anytime. Both location portrait’s or studio portraits are beautiful…and we can create images perfect for showing friends and family, or something more intimate.

Maternity photography - Etta Images, Juliette Capaldi

Newborn Portraits

New to the world and such a precious bundle.

Newborn babies are newborn for such a small moment of time, photographers tend to consider newborns as being from 1 to 14 days old. After 14 days it is harder to get the adorable curled up poses that are most known when you think of newborns. My Christchurch portrait studio is perfect for newborn sessions.

My favourite newborn pose is the Mum or / or Dad (and sometimes the Grandparents) holding the naked baby close to them, and the love and developing relationship showing and being captured to be treasured by both child and parents forever. My son loves hearing the story of when he arrived into the world, and having images of him in the first few weeks is so special to him (and me!).

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Baby Portraits

I consider babies to be from 2 weeks old to about standing age. It is a time of special milestone. The first smile, first teeth, sitting, crawling and standing. All times are wonderful to photograph, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a set of 365 photographs showing their development over a year! My favourite baby age is when they can just sit or just stand (ie before crawling or before walking), but really its impossible to say one age is better…each stage and age is wonderful. Baby portraits are great both in my Christchurch portrait studio, or on location around Christchurch/Canterbury.


Children Portraits

I adore children and photographing children. Children can never be made to do something they don’t want for a photograph, so my sessions with children are very “free flow”. The children are allowed to be children, and the energy that they have for life is embraced. Either studio or outdoor locations work.

In the studio the light is beautiful, and as its petite in size, they are quite contained in how far they move! I talk to them, build a relationship with them, and let them be themselves. For example, the incredibly busy 4 year old boy that cannot sit for more than 3 seconds can end up with a gorgeous triptych of him smiling, him jumping and him spinning. The quiet shy 3 year old girl who bought along her favourite teddy can have a beautiful image of her cuddling her most precious object, while sitting in my “princess seat”.

Children grow so fast, and are so beautiful…let me capture them for you.

Family Portraits Christchurch; Portrait Photography Christchurch, Etta Images; Photography Christchurch

Family Portraits

I specialise in creating family portrait’s that “capture memories to last a lifetime”. Even if you don’t like having your photograph being taken, you need a family portrait.

Family portraits are for you, the Mum or Dad, something for you to smile at when you child isn’t behaving so well, something for you to remember when they are older and leaving home, and something for you to treasure when they have left and started to create families of their own.

But also, family portraits are for your children. You may feel  now is not the perfect time for a portrait…there can be lots of reasons, eg you want to be a different weight, you don’t think the children will “behave”, you don’t think your teenager will smile…but if not now, when? If you wait too long it might never happen, and if it never happens, your children won’t have the priceless piece of art that is your family portrait to look and enjoy and remember and wonder at in 20 or 50 years time.

I would love to take you to your favourite location, the beach, the park, the hills…and help you relax and create some memories that your children and children will have as a prompt to remember all the good times of their childhood. I capture the relationships between parents and children, the fun of being together, and the bond that holds your family together.

Family Portraits Christchurch; Portrait Photography Christchurch, Etta Images; Photography Christchurch

Grandparents and Great Grandparents

There is something about capturing a little of the life that a person has been through, onto paper. The twinkle of their eye, or the lines in their skin. When your parents are getting older, and they are Grandparents or even Great-grandparent’s, let me capture and create a beautiful image that reminds you of what they have experienced. I love these images taken in their home, surrounded by their life’s treasures. There are so many options here: own their own, with their grown up children, with 3 or even 4 generations…walking the beach, or in their favourite armchair.

Family Portraits Christchurch; Portrait Photography Christchurch, Etta Images; Photography Christchurch

Business Portraits

Business portraits are an investment in you and your brand. Clients and potential clients make quick judgements on what they see, and how you are portrayed in your image. I specialise in creating a business portrait that you are happy to provide when requested….one that you actually are happy to supply! We discuss the look you want and clothes options, and create something for you that enhances the professionalism of  your brand.

My Christchurch portrait studio is perfect for professional business portraits, or we can go for a more environmental look portrait either in your offices or on location.

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