Family Portraits Christchurch : Book Fundraiser

19 September 2018

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Family Portraits Christchurch - Grandparents


First it was LOVE and mums, celebrating the love between mums and their children, and raising over $6,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Second it was LOVE and dads, celebrating the love between dads their children, and raising over $8,000 for Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand.

Third it was LOVE and pets, celebrating the love between pets and their humans, with the book currently for sale, we are close to raising  over $10,000 for Gumboot Friday / I am Hope.

And now we have LOVE and grandparents, celebrating the love between grandparents and their grandchildren. I am hoping to raise over $10,000 for Nurse Maude Hospice.


How it works:

My usual family portrait session fee is reduced from $99 to $65.

The whole $65 goes to Nurse Maude Hospice, a service that provides free care and support to anyone affected by life limiting illness including their families and whānau, in Canterbury.

The grandparents and grandchildren have a fun session with Juliette from Etta Images.

The best portrait goes into a beautiful hard cover coffee table book.

You have the option of purchasing prints for yourself, at my usual print pricing, which starts at $169.

We can do other portraits at the session too, ie eg some with the generation in between, individuals, big family groups etc.

Sessions are in East, Central or South Christchurch (see FAQ below if you are out of this area). For example in Hagley Park, The Gardens, up the Port Hills, down the beach etc. Exceptions on the area covered can be made if the grandparents are housebound, just let me know.

The book will be designed and printed once I have photographed all the sessions (this can take a year or two!!), and will be additional to purchase ( Book price around $90, still to be determined)


Family Portraits Christchurch - Grandparents



Q – Can you come to my house in other parts of Christchurch or Canterbury?

A – Possibly! Because this is a fundraiser, I do really need to keep close to where I am based due to time constraints, which is in Hillsborough, Christchurch. So I am happy to travel to the Port Hills from Victoria Park through to Sumner, and the beaches from Sumner to Waimairi, and into the centre of the city, and all areas between this. If a grandparent is housebound, let me know, and I can try to travel a greater distance to include them in this project, and come to them.

I am happy to travel to you inside other parts of Christchurch, if you are happy to pre purchase some prints for your self (ie a set of four 7″ x 10″ matted portraits or equivalent value $529) or around Canterbury if you are happy to pre purchase a set of ten 7″ x 10″ matted portraits, or equivalent value $999.


Q – How strict a “grandparent” rule is there? Ie could it be a grandparent figure, but not officially?

A – Not strict at all! Anyone with a grandparent type role with their grandchildren is perfect.


Q – Can you do other portraits at the session, ie family ones with and without the grandparents, individuals etc.

A – Yes, totally fine, just let me know who will be at the session when you book.


Q – Do I get all the photographs from the session?

A – No sorry, the whole session fee is donated to the charity, and no photographs are included, but a place in the book LOVE and pets. Its an optional extra to purchase prints for yourself, and they start at $169. I can send though a full pricelist if you are interested, just ask.


Q – When will the book be ready?

A – Not sure yet sorry, it depends on how long it takes to find all the grandparents and grandchildren. But as a rough idea, its probably 18 months to two years from start to end, and its has been launched in April 2023.


Family Portraits Christchurch - Grandparents


If you have any other questions at all, please just let me know!

phone: 027 257 4023


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Family Portraits Christchurch - Grandparents






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Family Portraits Christchurch

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Family Portraits Christchurch - LOVE and pets fundraiser

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