Business portrait session tips

19 November 2014

Wear what makes you feel most confident.

A few points to consider:

  • Close fitting clothes are best, easier to shape.
  • Remember the motto “Dress for success”…and so wear clothes you would be happy to be seen in  with your best clients.
  • Have your makeup professionally done before your session if you don’t feel confident about doing it done yourself.
  • If you are due a haircut, try to have it done a week or two before you session.
  • Bring two or three outfits if you would like, when can then photograph you with more than one option and use which looks the best.
  • Some larger companies have requirements for business portraits, for example the colour of the background or which shoulder should be facing forwards, so check with your marketing department if they have guidelines , and forward these onto your photographer before the session.
  • Think about what sort of end use there is for your images, is it only on your business card, or do you need to sometimes supply portraits for other media/articles etc. Let the photographer know in advance.

Be successful by looking successful

Clients and potential clients judge how professionally you come across; don’t let a poor business portrait let you down.

If you have any questions please be in touch, or contact me today to arrange your portrait session.

business portraits - Etta Images, Juliette Capaldi

business portraits - Etta Images, Juliette Capaldi