Tips for your photo session

12 November 2014

How to make the most of you photography session with Etta Images

Great, your session is all booked, now, how to make the most of it! You can just turn up, and we will take some great pictures, that is no problem. But a bit of extra thought and effort can make them even more stunning:

Colour co-ordinate

Try to coordinate clothing a bit if possible. Not necessarily matching (but you can if  you want), but at least complimentary colours, not ones that clash. More muted colours tend to look better, and lets people focus on the main subjects ie  you! And please avoid writing, pictures, and if possible bold patterns.

Portrait photography - new born - Etta Images, Juliette Capaldi

Be comfortable

But don’t make anyone wear something they don’t like, especially reluctant subjects. It can make them really grumpy on the day, and that looks worse than bright colours. Just do what you can! Sometimes its hard to find something perfect, perhaps you could borrow something from a friend. Feel free to bring a few options if you are keen to see what works best.

Don’t hold back

Go all out if you want, get your hair and/or makeup done, or just wear your favourite outfit.

Show me some examples

Let me know if you have any pictures you totally love, and would like to do something similar. You could bring some printed pictures along on the day, or email them through to me first. But don’t worry if you have no ideas, I will have plenty on the day.


Book a time of day where they are usually pretty good, and feed them first. Bring some treats for them, but please don’t use them until near the end, as otherwise we get photos with sticky faces. Bring some of their favourite things in a bag, and we can bring them out slowly during the session to keep them interested, but not right at the start as it’s nice to get some photos without them first. Don’t worry about getting them to look at the camera, we can start with some great natural shots and then work towards ones where everyone is looking and smiling.


If you have any questions, please ask. There is no right or wrong, but just ways to make your photos the best ever!