Children Portraits

30 October 2017

I adore children and photographing children. Children can never be made to do something they don’t want for a photograph, so my sessions with children are very “free flow”. The children are allowed to be children, and the energy that they have for life is embraced. Either studio or outdoor locations work.

In the studio the light is beautiful, and as its petite in size, they are quite contained in how far they move! I talk to them, build a relationship with them, and let them be themselves. For example, the incredibly busy 4 year old boy that cannot sit for more than 3 seconds can end up with a gorgeous triptych of him smiling, him jumping and him spinning. The quiet shy 3 year old girl who bought along her favourite teddy can have a beautiful image of her cuddling her most precious object, while sitting in my “princess seat”.

Children grow so fast, and are so beautiful…let me capture them for you.

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