The importance of the individual portrait when having family portraits

A few months back after a multi-generational family portrait session, my client when she was viewing the portraits said she wished we had got one of her mother on her own. (Her mother has Alzheimer’s).   This really hit a cord with me, as I lost my dad this year,…

14 December 2018


Fear of photographs is real!!!

Fear of photographs is real!!! (But, it can be overcome…)   Guest Blog from Tracey Beard, of Career Matters.   When I thought about writing this article describing my experience getting headshots done by Juliette Capaldi of Etta Images, I thought back about my previous experiences with photographers. I realised…

12 September 2018


Learning to take better pictures….really really quickly!

So…you might be thinking…why is a family portrait photographer taking photographs of a soft toy? Great question! I don’t usually. Well actually, I quite often do if a child is hugging or playing with a soft toy. But not generally on their own! I did it to show the importance…

21 June 2018


From a portrait photographer: A portrait of the people of Italy

I am a portrait photographer, based in Christchurch, and I am fascinated with everyday life. I recently had the chance to capture some portrait photographs of people in Italy going about their daily lives. Here are a few of these portraits, a mixture of locals and tourists:   This lady…

16 October 2017


A pictorial ode to the olive tree

I have totally fallen in love with olive trees. I did always like them, I have one that sits outside my front door in a barrel, that has been moved from house to house over the years, I think my sister even looked after it for me when I lived…

20 September 2017


Summer days in Italy…and embracing the heat

Embrace the heat…that is what I have been telling myself to accept being in temperatures of around 40 degrees and higher for the last 2 weeks. We are having an amazing and relaxing time, enjoying great places, food and family company.             A seafood feast!…

11 August 2017


Buenos Aires….a beautiful city of contrasts

Buenos Aires….Tango, beautiful architecture, the homeless sleeping on the streets, Boca Football Stadium, Recoleta Cemetary, Sangria,  making friends and dulce de leche….what a beautiful and interesting city to visit. We had a short stay in the city on our way to Italy….I will let the pictures tell some of the story….

30 July 2017


Family Portrait Form

Would you love the opportunity for a free portrait session with the children and a complimentary 5″ x 7″ print?   Do you have a child or children aged between 6 and 12 years? The cuter the better! Do you love running around, having a bit of a play and…

9 May 2017


A very special girl…

I have really enjoyed photographing this gorgeous girl in the studio. I first met her parents when I photographed their beautiful wedding day. Then again I photographed them with her when she was about 5 months old. And now I have photographed her as a gorgeous girl, when she returned…

17 March 2017


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