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22 November 2023

Etta Images Social Media Images Christchurch Photographer

Imagine having the perfect images to post twice a week to social media, for a whole year. Images of your business. Your stock. Your staff. Your location. Sized for social media and ready to load.

Its is possible!!

You don’t need to forever search for the “right” image online. You can be authentic and have gorgeous images that your clients will relate to.

For just $19.23 + GST per week for a year! A total price of $1000 + GST.

How does it work?

We have a two hour session, where we photograph anything and everything relating to your business. Staff, stock, you, packaging, anything and everything. If you put a bit of time into planning this session, its easy to get 104 brilliant marketing images.

The best 104 images arrive to you, sized and ready to upload to social media (800px x 800px). That is 2 images a week for a year, ready to go!


Worried that I can’t create that many great images for your profession/industry? It hasn’t happened yet!

Etta Images Social Media Images Christchurch Photographer Etta Images Social Media Images Christchurch Photographer



Are the images full resolution / high resolution?

No, these are low res images with a general edit only. Perfect for social media, but not designed for print, billboards, large spaces on your website etc. But if we create an image that you want to go big with, it can be brought at high res that you do all these things for an extra $75 + GST.


Where will you travel to for this price?

Christchurch and nearby, feel free to call/text/email and discuss your location.


Can I have four a week?

Yes, totally. Four images a week, for 6 months, works out at $38.46 per week.


How can I pay?

You can set up automatic payments for once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, or just pay the whole amount upfront, however suits your cashflow and your business best.


Are the images fully edited. Ie will you touch up my wrinkles? Can you clear cut stock etc?

No, these images just have a general edit. So no editing out specific things that a full high resolution image would have. (Unless you upgrade the image to be a full resolution one for $75 + GST, and then any extra editing is included).

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