Top tips to thank your family portrait photographer

I love creating portraits! And its extra special to be thanked. I have been so lucky to have had so many thanks from clients, and here are my top 5. Thank you my lovely clients who have thanked me these ways and many others!
5th place: Let me cuddle your baby.
I love cuddling babies, and my boy is now 6 years old, and though he is extra cuddly, I still adore the chance to cuddle tiny newborns, and remember back to when he was so little.
4th place: Say the words “Its so hard to choose”
To create a beautiful portrait that a family loves so much that they are willing to have it take valuable wall space in the home for the next 20 or 50+ years is a honor. To create more than one of these for clients is beyond awesome.
3rd place: Wine and whitebait.
Well….it doesn’t have to be that fancy. But….one lovely client did give me a bottle of champagne, and bottle of Central Otago Pinot Noir, and some Westcoast Whitebait. I don’t think she knew my favorite red was a Central Otago Pinot Noir….just luck…I think!
2nd place: Tell everyone you know.
Most people in Christchurch love to work with someone they have had referred to them, so if you love the work your photographer has created for you, share this with the world (or at least your friends). If you are allowed to post the images in social media…mention who created them.
1st place: Best way ever? Crying.
When I have shown clients what I have created for them and their families, and they are so touched they cry, it is the best feeling in the world for me (and so the best thank you). My family portraits are all about relationships, and that I have captured in your family portrait the relationships that touch you the most, means I have done a brilliant job. Feel free to cry if it comes to it, its something special to share with your photographer.

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