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Family Portrait Form

Would you love the opportunity for a free portrait session with the children and a complimentary 5″ x 7″ print?   Do you have a child or children aged between 6 and 12 years? The cuter the better! Do you love running around, having a bit of a play and…

May 9, 2017


A very special girl…

I have really enjoyed photographing this gorgeous girl in the studio. I first met her parents when I photographed their beautiful wedding day. Then again I photographed them with her when she was about 5 months old. And now I have photographed her as a gorgeous girl, when she returned…

March 17, 2017


5 Top Tips for Family Portraits with Mum’s

5 Top tips for great photographs of mums! Its Mothers Day…and what better time of year to think of having a family portrait created with the family. Something gorgeous on the wall, to remember and treasure the special stages of your family. BUT… many of us mums hate having our…

May 5, 2016


Big smile, small smile, medium smile….no smile ???

Big smile, small smile, medium smile….no smile ??? Business Portraits: What should I where, should I look at the camera, should I smile? These are some of the common questions, but there are many more. Here are some answers: Smile: Yes, and a nice big natural one. Research shows that…

April 4, 2016


Family Portraits are not for you!

Well, I mean they are not just for you! One of the reasons families invest in gorgeous family portraits is for their children and grandchildren. If I had to get out of my house quickly (Earthquake / Fire etc), and had time to grab one material possession, I would grab…

February 11, 2016


My Bambina (1966 Fiat 500) is on the road

Its been a long time coming. I love the old Fiat 500’s, and when I was last in Italy in 2011 I could not help photographing everyone I saw. It was Rob’s idea (my husband) to make it a company car, and so earlier this year we brought one down…

October 11, 2015


A poem

Something a little light-hearted, I had to write a poem about the business portraits I do here in Christchurch. I tried to put a really sad tone on voice on when reading it…but could not get past the first line without some giggles!   In the wistful evenings a lonely…

September 28, 2015